The universal typeface experiment


We’ve all used the Bic crystal ball point pen. It’s simple, inexpensive and effective. More that 100,000 million have been produced since its creation in the 1950’s – it’s considered the world’s most Universal Pen.

That’s probably one of the reasons Bic has set itself out to compile a Universal Typeface, averaged from the handwriting of people from all over the world. Anyone can contribute through the site The Universal Typeface.

For those interested in seeing the handwriting differences of different groups, you can also view what has been submitted so far and filter by sex, age, country or even left and right handedness.

The experiment ends in August, when Bic will launch the final Universal Typeface which will be downloadable through their official site. So far more than 1,400,000 letters have been added from over 126 different countries.

We’ve already made our contribution to this curious experiment. What are you waiting for to make yours?.

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