Minimum investment, maximum ROI


Is this even possible?

There are millions of brands trying to get inside consumer minds these days, making competition stronger and more aggressive than ever before. There are also more possibilities, as we are not limited to the traditional communication formats. The digital world has opened up a new landscape where investments and actions can be measured in detail, but to reach a maximum ROI with a minimum budget we have to develop a strategy and a content plan and overall be creative, otherwise we will not reach our goals.

Everything that’s boring offline is boring online, so we need to innovate, build stories and real experiences that we will share online. This is the only way of building a real community, with followers that feel identified with the brand, with the style and which share the same taste. A brand has to build its values around its product allowing the consumers to dream, to connect emotionally, and feel attracted for several reasons. Reinforcing the values and the identity will help the brand to be stronger against its competitors.

Developing the right messages, images, voice, logo and marketing and communication strategy is just the beginning.

Building content doesn’t have to be a big investment, everything can be adjusted to the size of the organization and its financial possibilities. Creativity and innovation are key if we have a small budget, as they can make a good idea reach a viral effect now that we have multiple communication platforms at our fingertips.

With creativity and innovation, budget is no excuse for not doing outstanding marketing.

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