Lara Costafreda x LOUD

Introducing our latest collaboration with an artist we love: Lara Costafreda.

For her interpretation of LOUD, she played around with the idea of coming out of the water, out of silence, where you can’t speak or listen to anyone, into a world where you can fly and have your voice heard. Fish turning into birds!

Lara works as a freelance illustrator focused especially on fashion. Her work exudes femininity and is filled with Mediterranean flavors: from floral prints to romantic colors.

From her creative studio in Barcelona she develops illustrations for many brands, agencies and publications from all around the globe.

One of her latest projects has been with Hermès, collaborating as the official illustrator of the house’s Pop Up Store in Barcelona La Maison des Carrés.

She also teamed up with home décor brand Coordonné, creating a wonderful collection of watercolor-painted wallpaper. In an interview for Vogue, Lara explains:

I have always thought that wallpaper has the incredible capacity to turn the space we are in, into the place we would love to live in, that one place we have always dreamed of.

To transport people into a dream place. This is Lara’s goal.

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