What are you passionate about?

You understand that branded, social and engaging content which people love and want to share is the future of marketing.

You are a natural born communicator, love to manage online communities, write inspiring pieces and craft outstanding user experiences. You are a fan of great design and appreciate stunning content in all of its formats, especially digital.

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Seeing bad design hurts your eyes.

You take pleasure in the beauty of things, from a stunning photograph to a well designed poster. You have in depth knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign (basic knowledge of Pages, Keynote, HTML/CSS a plus). You’re also a multitasking machine, able to handle a wide range of projects at any given time.

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You are a natural born organizer and communicator who understands the world of marketing: from strategy formulation to its creative implementation and control.

You love to manage projects and are an expert in analysing data that measures ROI across different platforms. You’re also a great communicator and love to foster and take care of relationships. You are passionate about catering to other peoples concerns and providing them with the best results possible.

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You have studies related to marketing, communications, advertising or design and are looking for an opportunity to gain experience in a leading agency in Barcelona.

You’re a student looking for a meaningful, hands-on learning opportunity to work with and learn from our team of experts. Some areas of focus may include media relations, brand PR, digital communications, content development, social media management, copy writing and corporate communications.

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