Jean Jullien x LOUD

We are very proud to introduce our latest collaboration with an artist we love: Jean Jullien.

jean-jullien-artist-agencies-barcelonaphoto by Daniel Arnold

The French graphic designer, who currently lives in London, defines his approach as observational, critical and playful. We asked him to interpret LOUD and this here below is the great piece he came up with! We absolutely love it and thank him for this collaboration.


Jean Jullien does graphics of all sorts: from illustration to photography and video installations, always playful and eclectic.

You might think you don’t know his work, however you’ve probably seen “Peace for Paris”, which became a worldwide sign of support after the Paris attacks in 2015.

Jean Jullien posted the simple and powerful piece on Instagram and Twitter and it quickly became the symbol of peace and solidarity towards the attacks.

A photo posted by @jean_jullien on

Thank you Jean Jullien for giving the world a new peace symbol and for being so LOUD!

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