June 7, 2017 Loud Barcelona

Eve Sleep: Disrupting the mattress market

eve Sleep aims to be to the mattress market what Airbnb has been to accommodation or Uber to taxis: disruptive.

The London based start-up was launched in the Spanish market at the beginning of the year after its success in Europe and after achieving sixteen million euros in series B funding. The company is based on an innovative business model that seeks to simplify and facilitate the purchase of a product as necessary and important as the mattress, making the user experience an essential part of the process. Technology and relaxation go hand in hand with this revolutionary e-commerce.


eve Sleep sells online directly to customers, reducing the customer price by avoiding brick and mortar stores and intermediaries. Delivery is free and takes place in two working days, with the mattresses being shipped compressed and vacuum-packed in a small cardboard box. The company also offers a 100 night trial period and a 10 year warranty. Its success is not only based on the quality of its mattresses, but also on the attractive and modern design of simple lines and pure colors: white and yellow.


As Jas Bagniewski, one of the founders, said last month:

“We believe that walking into a store, lying down and putting your feet on a plastic mat while a shop assistant hovers over you isn’t the best way to buy a mattress and that a home trial is much better”

eve Sleep has sold nearly 55,000 products to date. Apart from Spain, it already sells its products in France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria and Switzerland and has a large number of experienced investors such as Woodford Investment Management, Octopus Ventures, DN Capital and Channel 4.

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