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Closing 2017 with an unforgettable event together with Sleek MakeUp

We closed 2017 celebrating in Barcelona the tenth anniversary of Sleek MakeUp‘s cult classic i-Divine Diamond eye shadow palette which has achieved an iconic following among professionals, cosmetics and make-up enthusiasts worldwide.

The tenth anniversary was attended by the make up artist Beatriz Matallana, one of the most well known make-up artists and hairdressers among celebrities in Spain. Artists, photographers, journalists, stylists, designers and beauty and lifestyle scene influencers such as Adriana Boho, Marta SolerDirty Closet or Laura Mullor enjoyed a makeup experience in true Sleek style.

The music of the event was carried out the DJ’s Girls on Choice, who at the end of the party gave way to an amazing twerking performance.


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Why is it so hard for brands to trademark colors?

Securing exclusive use of a color is one of branding’s trickiest tasks, as General Mills learnt late last week when the US’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board rejected its application to trademark the use of yellow on Cheerios boxes.


Simply arguing that a given color is an attribute of a brand is not enough. A company applying to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for example, must prove that consumers visually equate a specific color with that brand. And trademark protection, when it is granted, doesn’t apply to all uses.

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Eve Sleep: Disrupting the mattress market

eve Sleep aims to be to the mattress market what Airbnb has been to accommodation or Uber to taxis: disruptive.

The London based start-up was launched in the Spanish market at the beginning of the year after its success in Europe and after achieving sixteen million euros in series B funding. The company is based on an innovative business model that seeks to simplify and facilitate the purchase of a product as necessary and important as the mattress, making the user experience an essential part of the process. Technology and relaxation go hand in hand with this revolutionary e-commerce.


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The 5 Tech Accessories Everybody Should Have

There’s such an endless amount of gadgets out there, from solar laptop charger backpacks to bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes. But there’s only a handful of tech accessories that we really can’t live without! Here’s our top five:

A wireless battery case

juice pack air - Wireless iPhone 7 Battery Case _ mophie

Terrified of walking out the door without knowing if your smartphone’s battery will survive the night? Enter a wireless battery case, like the Mophie Juice Pack Air. The protective yet light-weight design delivers more than 100% extra battery without needing to a find a wall plug.

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Cruyff Classics unveils its new SS17 Collection: Sport meets Lux

On November 3rd the Dutch brand Cruyff Classics presented their new Spring Summer 2017 Collection in Madrid’s emblematic “Invernadero” space.

The brand, founded by footballer Johan Cruyff in 1979, caters to both men and women. The new collection offers an extensive range of sneakers which blend comfort with elegance and which follow the latest trends. True to the brand’s DNA, the designs proposed by Cruyff Classics for this new season combine sport and luxury resulting in unique and functional pieces.

The press day was attended by journalists, stylists, photographers, influencers, actresses and actors, who didn’t want to miss the brand’s new features for next year.


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How technology is bridging the gap between travelers and locals

Last month Airbnb announced that it had bought the Barcelona-based travel startup Trip4real, a marketplace founded in 2013 where travelers can find activities hosted by locals (things like tapas tastings, paella cooking classes and neighbourhood tours).

Who wants to feel like a tourist these days? Wanting to eat, shop and party like a local when traveling is something that only keeps getting bigger. And technology has a lot to do with this, making it easier and easier with apps and websites dedicated to joining travelers needs with local micro-entrepeneurs.

The difference is in the authenticity: the experiences that locals offer are different because they show the underbelly of a place.Gloria Molins, founder and CEO of the Barcelona-based start-up Trip4real

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Lara Costafreda x LOUD

Introducing our latest collaboration with an artist we love: Lara Costafreda.

For her interpretation of LOUD, she played around with the idea of coming out of the water, out of silence, where you can’t speak or listen to anyone, into a world where you can fly and have your voice heard. Fish turning into birds!

Lara works as a freelance illustrator focused especially on fashion. Her work exudes femininity and is filled with Mediterranean flavors: from floral prints to romantic colors.

From her creative studio in Barcelona she develops illustrations for many brands, agencies and publications from all around the globe.

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YouTube introduces new 6-second video ads built for mobile

Viewing habits are changing. To adapt to the fact that video consumption is moving to mobile, YouTube has introduced a new ad format this week, Bumper ads, designed specifically for quick snippets of content.

Bumper ads last six-seconds, run before videos and are unskippable, ulike TrueView ads — which can be of any length.

We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads – and we’re excited to see what the creative community will do with them.

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Social media trends reshaping businesses in 2016


With more than 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and a yearly growth of 25%, it’s no wonder businesses haven’t failed to noticed the expansion of social media. They have increased their social media advertising in 2015 up to nearly $24 billion, according to emarketer, a figure that’s all the more impressive if you think that just a few years ago that number was $0.

So what’s in store for 2016? We’re sharing Sprout Social’s infographic and highlighting 3 key trends, set to change how businesses use social media in the year ahead.

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Jean Jullien x LOUD

We are very proud to introduce our latest collaboration with an artist we love: Jean Jullien.

jean-jullien-artist-agencies-barcelonaphoto by Daniel Arnold

The French graphic designer, who currently lives in London, defines his approach as observational, critical and playful. We asked him to interpret LOUD and this here below is the great piece he came up with! We absolutely love it and thank him for this collaboration.


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Mobile World Congress 2016, everything you need to know

If we were to choose one city as the world capital of mobile it would have to be Barcelona. GSMA confirmed this summer the renovation of the city as the host of the Mobile World Congress until 2023.

The dates have recently been confirmed for the Mobile World Congress 2016: February 22 – 25.

More than 2,100 exhibitors are expected to gather in 100,000 square metres across eight exhibition halls to bring attendees the most innovative products and technologies in the mobile industry.


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The 10 most important music festivals in Spain

Half a decade has passed since what is probably the best known music festival in history took place: Woodstock in 1969.


Since then music festivals have gotten more and more popular, especially in Spain. Right now 10 of the most important music festivals in Spain are:

It is in these festivals where many brands have seen a big opportunity to reach huge crowds.
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Apple celebrates comic art

Belgium has a rich tradition of comic art. It’s home to some of the known comics: the Smurfs, Lucky Luke and Tintin among them. Since last week it’s also home to the new Apple Store.

To celebrate the opening, Apple brought together some of the city’s most imaginative comic artists and asked them to tell their stories in 5 images.

Hear them speak about their work and the city that inspired it:

Instagram’s “Weekend Hashtag Project”, curating the best community photos

With an average of 70 million photos being uploaded daily to Instagram, how do you pick out and select the best content that’s being shared?

One way is to launch a project like the “Weekend Hashtag Project”, an ongoing series featuring specific hashtags and themes picked by the Community Team at Instagram. Every Friday the weekend project is announced and on the following Monday Instagram presents their favorite community submissions in their blog and Instagram profile.

Here are some examples:


Asking participants to be as playful as possible and make photos and videos that unlock their youthful creative spirit.

Fun afternoon on the beach with grandad. 89 years young. #WHPforeveryoung

A photo posted by Matty O’Shea (@osheamatty) on

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Brands speaking emoji

The Cannes Lions Awards this year were all about celebrating creative bravery that changes the course of communications. You can check out the full winner list on the link above, but we’re dedicating this post today to the Titanium category winner. This category is simply defined as “the way forward”, work that you can’t define in any other category because it’s just that new.

The Grand Prix Titanium award this year went to “Emoji Ordering” from Domino’s Pizza, a piece the jury felt was the most of-the-moment in the world of communication from a brand right now.

In essence it’s a simple idea, recently launched in the US, that makes ordering pizza not only faster but also social. You basically link up your Twitter account to your online Domino’s account, and with a quick pizza emoji tweet at the brand and you’ll have an order on the way. A business idea and shows how relevant creativity is in growing a brand, now more than ever.

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How to make a good Instagram carousel ad

Instagram’s creative strategist Derek Echevarria-Scott spoke to Adweek a few days ago about how to make a good carousel ad. These new Instagram ad formats, which are currently available in sponsored posts in the US and will soon launch in Europe, consist of a single post with multiple images which users can swipe to view.

Brands like Lacoste and GM have been some of the first to try these out, creating ads like these:

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Watch Autumn de Wilde’s 5 New Short Films for Prada

The latest of the five-part video series Prada launched to promote its Galleria bag has just come out.

Directed by director, photographer, and artist Autumn de Wilde, the videos focus on a postman’s dreams about the packages he delivers, blurring the lines of fantasy and reality.


The director’s style is a well-suited match for a brand as inventive and exciting as Prada, which is known to collaborate with well known filmmakers including Roman Polanski and Wes Anderson.

I am very inspired by Prada’s ability to maintain power as a brand while never losing a thirst for adventure in art, cinema, and fashion. Autumn de Wilde, as told to Style.com

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