Airbnb’s rebranding


Airbnb is a peer to peer marketplace for short-term home rentals. It does much more than sell “spaces” though; it creates a community and gives its members a proud sense of belonging.

Last week Airbnb revealed its new brand identity. Their new logo, named the “bélo”, has been designed with the idea that anyone can easily draw and recognize it and, as explained in the video below, stands for four things: people, places, love and Airbnb.

The logo is not only customizable on Airbnb’s website, you can also buy merchandising printed with it. Coffee mugs, posters… put them inside your home to make others feel at home when they rent your place out through Airbnb.

#BelongAnywhere is the hashtag defining the rebrand campaign.

The creation of a community, a powerful re-branding campaign, a simple and personable logo: everything has been executed to perfection.

With one small glitch… Many on the internet have decided that the new logo looks like various sexual organs. But which, you might ask? Male, female? Front, back? With a little imagination, according to the online community, all of them!

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